Who We Are

Doug Friesen

Doug Friesen, Ph.D.

In over 20 years as a psychologist it has become clear to me that entering into therapy takes courage. It takes courage to look at one's struggles and go near painful aspects of life. It takes courage to make changes; in the way we see ourselves, our relationships and our future. As a therapist, I see my role as not the agent of change, but as someone who ‘walks with' the person who is courageously ready to change. I enjoy working at changes in individuals and couples as well as families. I feel comfortable working with the whole person, exploring aspects of not only emotional health, but physical and spiritual well being as well. I have also learned that real change doesn't just come from the head, but from the heart. Healing requires a safe place to explore and touch deep emotions, including sadness, fear, anger and joy. I enjoy working with a wide-range of persons from children, teens, adults and older adults and have experience in treating numerous problems including depression, anxiety, OCD, behavioral issues in children and teens and relationship issues in couples and families. I have received specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, which has been shown quite effective in helping couples in marital distress.

Ronald Vogt

Ronald Vogt, M.Div., Ph.D.

As I reflect on who I have become, I notice that I've always been between differing worlds, trying to hold together valid yet often competing perspectives. I have graduate degrees in theology and psychology, each one having a hold on me. I have spent most of my professional life specializing in marital therapy, again trying to help people untangle, make sense of, and heal every sort of relational split and tension imaginable. For me, it has culminated in pursuing expertise in practicing Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT provides a clear map to guide us in the very challenging and rewarding undertaking to work together to restore personal, emotional, and relational well-being. Should we decide to work together, I look forward to sharing myself and my training for your benefit.

Stephanie Sims

Stephanie Sims, M. A., LMFT

Do you long to feel emotionally connected and closer to your spouse, kids or parents? You wish you could reach out to them without fear of rejection because with them you feel confident you are safe, secure, fully known and fully loved. If only your home was a place like that, a place of peace, a place of renewal and recovery. You want to know they will always have your back as you face the uncertainties of life and celebrate the joys and victories. The pain of life isn’t the problem. It’s being alone with the pain. Restoring and reconciling damaged relationships is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

My ongoing training and experience is focused on Emotionally Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, the most effective approaches for relationship therapy; and because experience has taught me many people suffer from memories of trauma that are intrusive and controlling, I am also trained in EMDR to desensitize and reprocess those memories with you.

Casie Fisher

Casie Fisher, MAMFT

We are not meant to do life alone. I am willing to be a safe, respectful, and collaborative guide for you, your relationship, or your family as you turn and make sense of your struggles and find your way toward your longings. I have specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a proven model based on attachment science. Individuals find EFT to be helpful in constructing a clear and meaningful narrative about themselves and their key relationships. Couples learn to break negative patterns of interaction, develop strong bonds, and increase intimacy and connection. I work with adolescents, individual, couples and families experiencing a wide range of difficulties.

Lyndsie Cory

Lyndsie Cory, MA, LMFT

Your pain matters and counseling can be a safe place to confidentially receive support. A key to mental health is to know and understand the truth about the circumstances of our lives, and to be able to share that reality with at least one other person. I'm honored to provide space for you to share openly and deeply about what you're experiencing. I value creating a trusting alliance to understand your personal history and present circumstances in order to best support you in experiencing your optimal wellbeing. I am passionate about forming relationships, supporting growth, and seeing individuals and families thrive. I enjoy providing therapy to families and individuals ages 9 and older who may be experiencing loss, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, disordered eating, family conflict, relational trauma, or post-traumatic stress.

Dawn Sirios

Dawn Sirios, MA, LMFT

I’d love to help you find a new and better place to live in and live from. I work well with couples, families, and teens. Everyone who comes to therapy is unique so I listen well to get to know each person and family situation well. My systems training will help you make better sense of how to respond to what is happening to you and those you love. With a couple’s relationship, I’m amazed at how rich Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) is in helping people open up to healing and trust inside their relationship. I have experience with children with developmental and intellectual disabilities and I worked well in my training leading teen support groups. I also integrate faith based perspectives for those whose spiritual journey and religious community are central to their well-being.

Steve Denlinger

Steve Denlinger, LCSW

For the past 20 years, I have applied a strengths-based, skill building perspective to assist clients in achieving their personal and professional goals. Clients have included youth and adults experiencing anxiety and depression, the impact and outcomes of trauma and relationship issues. Most often this has been through the therapeutic approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Based Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Therapy.

Regardless of the approach, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, what is most important to me is providing a space for individuals who are struggling to experience and develop a trusted therapeutic relationship where their dignity and self-worth as a person can be enhanced.

I welcome clients of all backgrounds and commit to honoring your personal stories in an environment that is positive, safe, and supportive. Effective therapy is a collaborative process, and I welcome your input on how to personalize your experience to effectively meet your goals.